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The painters of the Warli tribe claim to be "painters and farmers." This simplicity that characterizes them, shows us with amusement and delight a counterpart of "street art" that could be qualified, not without pleasure of "rural art". An artistic dialogue was organized in 2014 in Sao Paulo, where four artists of the Warli tribe have met a local street artist "Caligrapixo".

8% of the Indian population is of tribal origin, that is more than 100 million people distributed in several hundred different tribes on more than 10% of the Indian territory. Among these tribes, that of the Warli, located in Maharashtra near the megalopolis Mumbai, is doubtless one of the most charming. Thanks to Jivya Soma Mashe, the legendary artist of this tribe, number of Warlis have resisted the lure of big cities and continue to live in their homeland. The simplicity and poetry of their paintings speak of their privileged relationship to nature.

Available Paintings

Warli rice field

Jivya Soma Mashe 1997 acrylic and cow dung on canvas 100x125 cm

Balu Dumada 2016, acrylic and cow dung on canvas 121x171.5 cm

Balu Dumada front a wall paint of his house, Maharashtra, India 2014.

Balu Dumada 2011, acrylic and cow dung on canvas 161x226 cm

Balu Mashe in his workshop, Maharashtra, India.

Balu Mashe 2016, acrylic and cow dung on canvas 96.5x119.5 cm

Rice field

Balu Mashe 2014, acrylic and cow dung on canvas 148x175 cm

House of Jivya Soma Mashe

Kishor Mashe 2015, acrylic and cow dung on canvas 93x102 cm

Jivya Soma Mashe, Hervé Perdriolle and Abhay Mascara front the new house of Jivya Soma Mashe, Ganjad 2014.

Jivya Soma Mashe, 2001 acrylic and cow dung on canvas 138x230 cm Fondation Cartier Collection

Hervé Perdriolle, Balu Dumada and his wife, India 2015

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